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5 Ways to add design interest using led wall lights

Traditionally led wall lights have being relegated to the bedside reading zone and have not been considered anything other than functional. But these multifaceted little design extras might be an interior designer’s best kept secret!

When used to maximum effect, led wall lights add elegance, artistry and style to your home, especially in new home builds.

At Lighting Direct we love how led wall lights can transform hallways, create focal points on shelves and in kitchens, and add charm in entrance ways. Plus, they deliver practicality in spades transforming an occasional chair to be both aesthetically pleasing as well as a cosy nook to sit and read, or bathroom lighting designed so you can actually see while shaving or applying makeup.

So we asked our design team to share their favourite led wall light tips and tricks and here’s what they told us!

1. Create a style feature in an empty space

There are some spaces in your home that are wildly impractical for furniture but are still begging for tasteful decoration that uplifts and adds vertical dimension to a room. Or, as winter sends out her cool tentacles, you might be feeling nostalgic for the much-missed fireside mantelpiece. Welcome the shelf enhanced with a wall light.

If you’re a collector of curios, antiques or stunning indoor plants, or just need a memorable place to keep your keys, create a feature using our LED Armento 1 2 Light Spot Light in White. The brushed chrome finish quietly complements any room, from lounge, home office, kitchen and bedroom, without dominating a space. The warm light and vertical directional spot function is a eye-catching addition to any home.


2. Functional and stylish

At Lighting Direct we love the subtlety of mood lighting for a long wintry bath but when it comes to getting a close shave or mastering liquid eyeliner it’s a big no-no. So if you’re designing your dream bathroom or ensuite, or giving your current one a modern makeover then you’ll thank yourself time and time again when you add LED lighting fixtures to enhance your bathroom mirror experience.

Our sophisticated Calnova 900 4000K LED Vanity slimline mirror lights placed either side of your bathroom mirror add timeless elegance as well as adding the kind of practicality your bathroom needs to deliver you your best self every time.

3. Make hallways special and useful

For getting home in the dark, children needing to get up at night or wanting a soft when the bathroom calls at 3am, then wall lights might be exactly what you’re after. They’re easy on the eyes and infinitely on better the your budget than some other choices.

Our modern Sania 3 LED Wall Light in Satin Nickel hails from the Style collection from Eglo of Austria and incorporates state of the art LED technology to ensure you’re getting the best light on the market. Plus the Sania is child-safe so is perfectly placed at lower lighting levels to highlight your hallway, stairs and stairwells at night.

4. Indulge in your favourite moments

One of the best things about winter is being able to spend more time indoors. When a blustery day hits, there’s nothing like sitting in your favourite chair and indulging in some reading or even journaling, and this is when a wall light becomes your new best friend!

You can indulge in your favourite past time using wall lights that provide spot lighting to your task without disrupting others in the room who might have their heads tuned into a movie. Our Altelier 960mm Wall Light moves exactly in the direction you want it to. The adjustable swing arm is ideal for bringing over where you are working and is easily swung back when you are done. The adjustments move from 75 degrees for the arm and 150 degrees for the shade, allowing for maximum versatility.

5. Safety first

There’s no reason why your outdoor and entryway lighting need to be anything less than stylish, and at Lighting Direct we love ensuring that your design picks are also high performing. Our Norwest Arm Wall Light in Aged Nickel is a favourite amongst our design team because it is a dramatic style statement when used as contrasting fitting to modern exteriors, or to bring out the handsome charm of villas and bungalows.These stunning wall lights are also a bold design addition on interior walls in cottage-styled bathrooms and kitchens, and butler’s pantries.




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