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2019 LED ring pendant light will be the new favorite of the UK lighting market

2019 LED ring pendant light will be the new favorite of the UK lighting market

The Ring LED Pendant Light fixtures is a simple design made from Aluminium. The hollow ring has a streamlined. The modern look that is also highly durable. The curved body can be designed with specifications and irregular shapes. Let your space have more design sense.

The diffuser Silicone strips soften LED light and save eyes. It is a special ideal for modern living rooms, dining rooms, or entryways as well as commercial spaces.

Large circle ring pendant light meets space designers and engineer favor when having hotel lobby project.

Available with a White, Black, Chrome, Nickel, Hairline Bronze, Copper, or Statuary Bronze finish. Choose for 3 size from 200mm,300mm 400mm, 600mm, 800mm, 1000mm, etc, or customization.(also have 24inch, 32inch, 48inch)

For Project

Our team can walk you through finding the right design for your home or project. For members of the trade, our account managers become a part of your team to bring your design vision to clients and keep your projects on schedule.

For wholesale

If you've found a better price on the same item from another source, let us know. We are happy to match a competitive price from another authorized retailer to guarantee you the best value on authentic modern design...



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